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Go With The Flowe Route Marks Up to Date

Hi Folks, Just a quick note to say that, as of  October 9th, 2011 the C4 route marking for the Go With The Flowe 2 PM Sunday Ride are up to date.  If in the future, if you notice any markings that have been paved over, please let us know and we'll get it remarked.  See you out there!

MS Fundraiser This Week!

The email excerpt below is from Kat and Ragan Kearns. They've been huge supporters of the local MS Chapter (as have others in our club!) and they are requesting we support them and the MS Society again this year by attending the two events detailed below. Last year, we had a LOT of fun gathering at East Coast Wings and hopefully this year will be the same.
We're very proud of their efforts as well as all the other C4 members who are participating in the MS Breakaway to the Beach ride later this month.
Next week a lot is going on with our event schedule! Monday Sept 12th, Chic-fil-A is hosting an MS night from 5:00pm-8:00pm. If you are riding in our Friends and Family ride come and join us for a meal at the Concord Parkway South location (in front of Walmart, past S&D Coffee) before or after your cruise around downtown Concord! Please feel free to invite more people! There is a link for this event on the C4 Facebook wall if you want to share it with others or read more about the event and where moneys raised are going!
There will be a team dinner at East Coast Wings Thursday the 15th we also have an event page for this on our Facebook wall as well(so, feel free ONCE AGAIN to invite anyone you want to dine with). Some things to know are this event is running the ENTIRE day from 11am to 10pm so feel free to drop by for both lunch AND DINNER. FYI: THURSDAYS ARE 60 CENT BONELESS WING NIGHT AT EAST COAST WINGS!

FOR THOSE RIDING IN BREAKAWAY! Specifically during dinner we will have the club out supporting our team riders who have registered for the BIKE MS: Breakaway to the Beach! If you are one of these riders your bike packet will be available for you to pick up IF YOU HAVE RAISED YOUR MINIMUM 300! If NOT and you WILL HAVE your money available by Thursday night’s dinner there will be a MS Staff person available to give your money to! If you have gone above and beyond and have raised 400+ there will be cycling socks, 800+ bike MS jersey and 1,500+ cycling shorts!

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing you all at the dinner table on the 12th and 15th of next week!

If you have any questions about either of these events please contact Katherine or Ragan Kearns.

Happy riding until then!


C4 Ride Time Change

Its that time of year again, and the sun is setting earlier.  This week we will move our ride start times up to the following times. recycled-bike-chain-ring-clock_FXqwo_22978

Monday Family Ride:

This will be the LAST WEEK AT 6:30 be sure to bring your blinky lights.  We will move the ride up to 6:00 starting Monday Sept 19th. 
This has been a great ride and a great opportunity for families to ride together. Bring the kids or spouse out.  Slow is great!  In the near future, we will be working with the Concord Downtown Development Council to promote this ride and try to make it a more well publicized event.  Hopefully this will become a great attraction for families to participate regularly in the future.

Tuesday TDP Ride:

We will change the official time for this ride to 6:00 pm starting this week.  This was not announced at the ride last week, so unofficially, the ride will pull out at 6:15, to help those who don't get the message.   This has been a great ride all year and we have had a LOT of new riders participate. 

Thursday TRG Ride: 

The start time for this ride will change to 6:00 PM this week.  This was announced during the ride last week so the ride WILL START ON TIME.  This has turned out to be a very popular ride also.  We regularly have members of the Hincapie Green creations team show up and throw it down.  Here's some feedback we just got from a recent participant of this ride:


"Hey Shawn; thanks for the invite. I got to meet Matt and I have to say that after more than 25 years as a competitive cyclist, it was sure refreshing to ride with a group that could not only go at a decent clip, but were also NICE! We do such a poor job of promoting the sport we love sometimes, but this was a great group to ride with and I felt very comfortable. Great way to end my business meeting! Thanks again and have a great night!"

Thanks to everyone who participates in our rides.


Call for Volunteers!

It's time again for some high-speed bike racing in downtown Concord. The Crossroads Classic race series makes a stop in Concord next Wednesday Aug 3rd and C4 will have a few of our team competing!

In addition to showing our support for our teammates that evening, we'll also be assisting with setup and breakdown of the race course.

We're asking for your help in volunteering to assist with this. Setup will be between 3p and 6p meeting in front of the Creamery and breakdown will be around 9:45p. Any time that you are available will be appreciated! We did this last year and received a lot of compliments regarding how much our assistance helped the event run smoothly. Let's do it again.

And this is from the man himself, Hunter Huss, owner of Cabarrus Creamery.  "All volunteers receive free ice cream!"



MS Breakaway to the Beach

Via Ragan Kearns:

Hey Y'all,
Registration for the MS Breakaway to the Beach is still $35.00. BUT, goes up to $55.00 on June 1st.  If want to save $20.00 sign up before the 1st.  All team member that ride in the Breakaway to the Beach will get a free pair of "Green Team" socks.
Follow this link for more information and registration.
C4 is registered as a team this year, so be sure to click the button "Register as a Cyclist with a Team". 
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