Mountain Bike Rides

The Central Carolina area is blessed with several very nicely maintained dedicated mountain bike trails.  At this time,  we don't have scheduled rides for the mountain bike trails, we do get together as a group and ride the local trails periodically.  Stay up to date by signing up for our mailing list, and check the forums!

The following are just a few of the trails in our area. 

For a more in depth list of the resources in our region, the Tarheel Trailblazers website is a great resource, and the source for the following information.


Sherman Branch

Nearest City: Charlotte, NC
How to get there: From Pineville: Go 485 (Outer Loop) go to Albermarle Rd. exit. turn left towards Albermarle, take fist left on to Rocky River, go about 1 mile, turn left into field at mailboxes after you pass Camp Stewart Rd.

From Harrisburg: go 485 (Inner Loop)to Harrisburg Rd., Exit 39, turn right onto Harrisburg, go about 1 mile to Camp Stewart Rd. and turn Left, follow until road dead ends into Rocky River, turn left, go 200 yds, turn left into field.

Trail Length: 11.4 miles
Trail Description: 11.4 miles of flowing single track. 600 feet of climbing
Other Info: Trail may be closed during wet periods. Gate status for this trail are posted on the front page of this website and updated when changes are made, Night Riding is not allowed. Gates are LOCKED at sunset

Beech Spring (Poplar Tent)

Nearest City: Charlotte, NC
How to get there: From Charlotte take I-85 North. Take the Poplar tent exit (a few exits past UNCC). Take a left on to Poplar Tent rd. Take the first right on Goodman rd. after the I-85 overpass. Drive about a mile & park on the left.
Trail Length: 3.5-10 miles
Trail Description: 3.7 mi. loop without the options. If all options are taken, the trail length can be increased to around 10 miles. Follow the red arrows.
Other Info: Pay $3.00 at the trailhead and be sure to sign the waiver.

US National Whitewater Center

Nearest City: Charlotte, NC
How to get there: I-85 South to I-485 North (Inner). Get off at Moore's Chapel Road exit. Turn left to cross back over the highway. Continue on Mooore's Chapel for approx 2 miles. Turn left at the big sign for the National Whitewater Center (Hawfield Road). Follow the gravel road into the southeastern corner of the parking lot. Trail starts at the kiosk.
Trail Length: Currently 13 miles
Trail Description: Advanced level trail system. If you do not possess proficient technical skills, please hone your skills at one of the many beginner level trails (Col. Francis Beatty, North Meck, Fisher Farm Park, Lake Norman State Park). Check our trails tab for additional information and directions to other parks.
Other Info: The trail system has now been re-connected following construction of the USNWC. More miles to come, as a beginner level trail will be constructed over the winter of 2007/2008. Please check the web-site for upcoming trail days.
Trail Map US National Whitewater Center

Harrisburg Short Track

Nearest City: Harrisburg, NC
How to get there: From the University: Hwy 49 North to Harrisburg (Exit 42 on I-85 North; Exit 33 on I-485). In Harrisburg at the intersection of Rt. 49 and Morehead (to the left) and Sims Blvd. (to the right) turn RIGHT onto Sims Blvd. Landmarks: cemetery and Circle K on the left, Wachovia branch on the right. Take Sims Blvd. two blocks and turn left into the Harrisburg Town Park. Follow the park road to its end at the parking lot in front of the picnic shelter. There is a new weather proof sign up the hill just beyond the volleyball pit to the left of the picnic shelter. The trail begins right behind the sign.

From Concord: the Wachovia branch will be on your left, turn LEFT onto Sims Blvd. Follow directions above.

From Charlotte via Robinson Church Road: turn LEFT onto Oakley, which is the street just before you get to Rt. 49. Follow Oakley to its end at Sims Blvd. (about 2 blocks). Turn LEFT onto Sims Blvd. and follow the directions above.

From Charlotte via Morehead: cross Rt. 49 and go straight ahead. Morehead turns into Sims Blvd. Follow directions above.

Trail Length: 1/2 Mile
Trail Description: The Harrisburg Trail is a "short track" open to all skill levels with short track (dirt criterion) racing in mind. The trail starts at the top of the hill to the left of the picnic shelter (standing in the parking lot, facing the shelter). You can see the trail bulletin board from the parking lot. The trail entrance is just beyond it. The trail can be divided into 4 sections (for the purpose of referring to its parts). Section one begins at the top of the hill, includes 4 berms and exits on to the park service road. From there you ride up the service road about 50+ feet to the beginning of section 2, which heads off into the woods down to the left. This is the "downhill" section, and includes 2 berms and a culvert crossing. This section exits into a small grassy field. Travel straight into the field 100-150 ft and enter section 3 into the woods to the right. This begins the second half of the trail and is uphill until you begin your next lap. Section 3 exits across the park walking trail. You travel straight ahead into section 4. Section 4 exits onto the park walking trail. Go to the right and follow the park walking trail up past the shelter. As the walking trail bears around to the left at the top of the hill you will see the trail bulletin board and the beginning of the trail.
Other Info: 2006 Short Track Race Series October 14, 21, 28 & November 11th. Trail coodinator contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

North Mecklenberg Park

Nearest City: Huntersville, NC
How to get there: I-77 North to Exit 25 (Hwy 73) Turn right. Take 73 to the intersection at Hwy 115. Turn right. Park is on your right.
Trail Length: 3.5
Trail Description: Tight single track. Watch out for on coming riders, this trail is bi-directional. Not very technical, but fast and fun to ride.


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